ZTE Axon 30 UD camera phone uses UDC Pro display chip

Ni Fei, President of ZTE’s Terminal Business Unit, posted on Weibo today to warm up the ZTE Axon30 under-screen camera phone. The phone uses a new independent UDC Pro display chip to drive the screen, which can intelligently enhance pixels and intelligently optimize the display.

ZTE Axon 30 UD camera phone


ZTE Axon 30 UD camera phone

ZTE Axon 30 UD camera phone
This time, Ni Fei also gave some explanations on the under-screen camera technology. The higher the pixel density in the under-screen area, the better the display effect, but the stronger the occlusion of light, which affects the image quality of the front camera.

The ZTE Axon30 under-screen camera phone uses a new independent UDC Pro display chip to drive the screen as a whole. The new intelligent pixel enhancement control and intelligent optimized display control achieve the coordination and unity of the display. The multi-drive ACE circuit arrangement is also used. The efficiency is increased by 50% compared to the previous generation.

At the same time, the phone also uses special OLEDs and more transparent cathodes and high-transmittance arrays in the camera area under the screen. The screen is more transparent and the light transmittance is maximized.

The phone uses a large-size pixel front camera. The single pixel size is 1.12um. The four-in-one sensor can increase the photosensitive area of ​​a single pixel to four times the original, which is equivalent to 2.24um ultra-large pixel size.


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