Apple A11X leaked with octa-core design and TSMC 7nm process

It is widely known that Apple A11 boasts of super high performance. Now, Apple is preparing for its next processor.
Apple A11
According to Taiwanese industrial chain, the A11X Bionic chip that next iPad Pro will be powered by has taped out and this chip is estimated to make its appearance in the first or second half of this year. The chip will be built on TSMC’ 7nm manufacturing process and it is in InFo WLP. Apple’s this chip is said to adopt octa-core design. The chip is said to consist of three Mansoon cores and five Mistral cores. Besides, it is exposed to have M11 co-processor and NPU.
Apple A11X leak

The Apple A11X is the first chip to be built on TSMC’s 7nm manufacturing process. Apple’s close relationship with TSMC is one reason for the A11X to be the first chip built on the 7nm process.



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