ChangXin Memory and Rambus Inc. Signed Patent License Agreement

According to the information on Changxin’s official website, a patent license agreement was signed by ChangXin Memory Technologies (CXMT) and Rambus Inc. (Rambus). This agreement gives access of a large number of dynamic access memory (“DRAM”) technology patent licenses to ChangXin Memory Technologies (CXMT).


Yiming Zhu, the chairman and CEO of CXMT, said that, “The agreement with Rambus once again demonstrates our high attention to international intellectual property (IP) related rules and continued efforts to strengthen the company’s IP portfolio”. The CEO further stressed, “In order to achieve sustainable growth and gain competitiveness in the market, we are committed to continuously building upon our technology and IP assets through independent R&D efforts combined with global cooperation”.

On the other side, the CEO of Rambus, Luc Seraphin, acknowledged CXMT as the emerging leader in China’s DRAM industry. Moreover, the CEO admired this long term agreement, which recognizes the fundamental value of the Rombus patent portfolio.

CXMT is on the move to acquire DRAM intellectual properties to secure its long term plans in becoming the market leader. Last year, it also purchased access to a large number of DRAM technology patents via a similar type of agreement with Polaris Innovations Limited. These patents were purchased in mid-2015 by Polaris Innovations Limited from Qimonda’s which was a subsidiary of Infineon.

Such patent agreements could greatly enhance the global presence of CXMT and would also help it become China’s leader in DRAM technologies. Moreover, these intellectual properties would also help in the advancement of DRAM technologies through inbound research and development by CXMT. This way CXMT would not only become China’s leader in DRAM, but would also be in a position to establish itself, as a world leader in such technologies in the near future.


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