New Double Sided Foldable Xiaomi’s Phone Patent Got Leaked

Yesterday, we already reported that Xiaomi is developing a rotatable camera phone. And now, more different things seem to be in the development of this famous Chinese smartphone brand company. Recently, we got another patent of Xiaomi’s device. This patent appears to be a double-sided foldable phone.

This patent is applied by Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. on 14 Dec 2018. It means that Xiaomi was planning to manufacture this phone for a long time. The patent got approved by the China National Intellectual Property Office yesterday, on 23  June.

If we take a look at the patent, it can be folded easily like other foldable phones, for example, Galaxy Fold. But if we take a look at other images of patent, it seems like that this phone is going to be a real foldable phone. The phone can be folded a little bit more for increasing one side. More interestingly, both sides of the foldable phone can be folded more (double-sided fold).

In the patent, a few things about the structure of this phone also mentioned. The device body includes an adjacent first body and a second body. The device uses an OLED Flexible display screen.

The patent only includes the folding phone design. It seems like this type of phone is still far from production. But maybe this phone is in the developing phase as the patent got approved. Currently, this type of foldable phone doesn’t exist. If any more news regarding this type of phones come or any other patent got leaked, you will be notified on our website.

Check out the Xiaomi foldable phone patent

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