iPhone 12 Series To Feature A 20W Fast Charger: Live Images + Certified By IECEE

Like every year, after the WWDC event, the leaks of upcoming iPhone series start to come out. The same happen this year too. Recently, a digital blogger @technology meow on (weibo.com) has leaked some information regarding the charging of the iPhone 12.


According to his post, the upcoming iPhone 12 models will come with a 20W charger out of the box. Surprisingly, this is happening the first time that the cheapest iPhone will also get the fast charger. As compared to the past, all the previous iPhones support fast charging but didn’t come with a fast charger. The user must need to buy a fast charger for that.

iPhone 12 Charger Certification

Moreover, the upcoming iPhone series charger also got certified by IECEE certification. The IECEE is Norway’s Company. According to the certification, the certification is issued by NEMKO AS. The model number is A2247, which seems to be an iPhone’s model number. The power adapter will be a USB Type-C adapter like the MacBook has.

From all of these things, it seems like Apple is going to end the production of its 5W charger. Maybe, we would never see the 5W Apple’s charger, which Apple is providing with its iPhone for a long time.

For now, the specifications of the upcoming iPhone series start to get exposed. If any more news comes regarding this iPhone series, you will be updated on our channel. So stay tuned!


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