Galaxy Watch6 Series Battery Capacity Revealed

Despite being one of the most popular smartphone manufacturing brands, Samsung is also famous for its smartwatches. Last year (in August 2022), the company launched its Galaxy Watch5 series, and now it seems that the company is looking forward to releasing the successor models and its foldable flagships.

This evening, the famous blogger @Ice Universe revealed the battery information of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch6 series. The battery modules of Samsung’s Watch6 series got listed on the Safety Korea certification site, which further consists of the live images of modules containing the battery’s specs.

The first battery module carries the model number “EB-BR935ABY” and belongs to the standard 40mm version of Galaxy Watch6. It has a capacity of 300mAh. Compared with the previous model, the capacity is upgraded by 16mAh (284mAh in Galaxy Watch5 40mm).

The model number of the second battery module is unclear. However, the blogger mentioned that it belongs to the 44mm version of Galaxy Watch6 and has a capacity of 425mAh. The battery capacity of this version is upgraded by 15mAh (410mAh in Galaxy Watch5 44mm).

The information regarding the all-new Galaxy Watch6 series is minimal. However, the rumors state that it would feature a curved screen design, as seen in Galaxy Watch Active2. The BOE (Chinese Display Manufacturer) is expected to be the display supplier for this watch series.

Currently, it is expected that Samsung will release its all-new Galaxy Watch6 series in August 2023, along with its Galaxy Z series foldable flagship phones.


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