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BYD Denza N7 Official Images Revealed: New Exterior Design

This morning, Denza officially released the official images of its upcoming vehicle, the “BYD Denza N7” SUV, which lies in the category of a five-seater medium-sized SUV.

In the official images, the appearance of the all-new Denza N7 can be appropriately observed.

Denza N7

Denza N7

Denza N7

The new EV features an entirely new exterior design with the following characteristics: a sharp front face, a wind-riding waistline, a chasing tail, a closed front face, hidden door handles, through-type taillights, and large-sized wheels. Overall, these characteristics provide a stronger sense of movement.

Regarding naming the vehicle, Denza has continued the combination of English Letters + Numbers. However, this time the company has used the upper case ‘N’ and the number ‘7’ for naming its all-new SUV. Denza is also expected to launch another mid-to-large-sized SUV this year.

Previously, the General Manager of the Denza Sales Department (in February 2023), while interacting with netizens, announced that the all-new Denza N7 would be released before the end of the first half of this year.

It is also reported from official sources that Denza sold 7.3k vehicles last month with a month-on-month increase of 13.8% and an average price of 60K USD.

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