Honor 10 Teardown

As we all know, Huawei has just been launched its new flagship – the Honor 10 last month. This flagship comes with 6GB RAM and it is powered by Huawei’ AI Kirin 970 processor. Besides, the phone also brings excellent picture-taking effect. With impressive appearance design and high specification, the Honor 10 has received great popularity among the public. Today, we will start the teardown of the phone to explore its internal design and workmanship.
remove SIM card tray
First of all, remove the SIM card tray.
SIM card tray
After taking out the SIM card tray, we find that this card tray adopts unibody metal design which makes the card tray not easily get broken. Besides, TF card slot isn’t found in this card slot, which means that the phone doesn’t support TF card expansion.
remove back cover
As no screw is found on the surface of the phone body, so I decide to separate back cover from the phone body to see its internal design. It is obvious that the back cover is fixed by double-sided tape. So I heat up the device to make the tape less sticky.
remove back cover
Then, use a sucker to get the back cover slightly separated from phone body.
remove back cover
Next, I need to insert a clip into the slot, and gradually broaden the slot to separate back cover form the phone body. During the process, avoid using excessive strength since it will break the glass or cause damage to the coating on the back.
graphite sticker
After taking out the back cover, we can see that most components inside have been covered by graphite sticker. The sticker is used to help heat dissipation of the motherboard. This design can solve heat congregation problem caused by poor heat dissipation performance of glass back cover to a large extent.
back cover
We can see that the phone’s back cover is well sealed, which can effectively prevent dust and water from entering inside.
metal middle framework
Its metal middle framework has been thickened, four angles in particular. These thicken parts mainly cushion impact the phone receives to protect components inside from deformation.
uncover graphite sticker
Uncover the graphite sticker, and the motherboard can be seen.
connectors on motherboard
All the connectors on the motherboard have been protected by the metal cover to avoid their disconnection. The chip part is covered by shield covers.
bridge circuit
The bridge circuit of earphone and motherboard can be found on the top of the back of the cover plate. Other parts are used to fix camera, connectors and other components.
LED flash
The LED flash is designed on the bridge circuit on the front of the cover plate. The phone comes with a LED flash.
camera module
Now, we have successfully taken camera module. The smartphone features a 16MP and 24MP dual-rear cameras. The dual camera setup supports AF function and it fails to support OIS function. It also comes with a 24MP front camera with F/2.0 aperture.
Benefited from Huawei’s developed chip with high integration and components with high density on the motherboard, the Honor 10 features a small motherboard. That’s the main reason why a 5.84-inch device can sport a battery with a capacity of 3400mAh. After all, the Vivo X21 with a 6.28-inch screen only sports a 3200mAh battery.
There is only a shield cover on the motherboard which can be removed. The part with the blue circle is the Hisilicon HI1102 which has Bluetooth, FM and other functions. The part with the red circle is the Hisilison HI6422 power management IC. And the part with the yellow circle is the Hisilicon HI6421 processor power management chip.
Uncover the shield back on the back of the motherboard, and we can see a chip covered with yellow thermal silicone grease. From the SEC label on the surface of the chip, we can infer that it is Samsung’s 6GB K3UH6H6. AI Kirin 70 chip is sealed under it. Samsung’s 128GB flash memory chip is near the processor.
The camera and earphone get closely connected. The light distance sensor is placed under the earphone. The foam is designed in the SIM card slot to improve its sealing.
remove screws
Now, take out seven screws at the bottom.
The large-size loudspeaker module can bring loud and clear sound. We can also see the vibration module.
Type-C and earphone ports
The Type-C port and earphone port have been integrated on the vice board. Two ports are covered by black rubber.
remove battery
Then, we will remove the battery. This battery is fixed by double-sided tape, so I have to pry up the battery with a metal pry.
remove battery
After taking out the battery, we can see information on this battery. Its limited charge voltage is 4.4V and platform voltage is 3.82V. The battery cell is made by ATL. This battery has a capacity of 3400mAh, 12.99Wh.
all the components
After the teardown, we find that the phone has a good sealing design, which makes the phone more durable. The small-size motherboard with high integration provides more room for phone’s 3400MAh battery. In general, the Honor 10 has good workmanship and reasonable internal design.



I love mobile phones. My first mobile phone is Samsung S4. Since then, I have used Xiaomi Mi2, Honor 7, Huawei Mate 9 and Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Similarly, I also love to write articles about mobile phones.

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