Lenovo ThinkPad 25 Teardown and SSD, RAM Upgrade Options

Last year is ThinkPad brand’s 25th anniversary since its first laptop- the ThinkPad 700C was launched in 1992. To celebrate its 25th anniversary, ThinkPad has specially released a new laptop. The ThinkPad 25 has featured many classic elements like colorful ThinkPad colorful and classic keyboard with seven lines and it is made based on the ThinkPad T470 mould. This laptop adopts new port design and good specification. Now we get the ThinkPad Anniversary 25 which only has 1000 unit limited editions in the world to see its design.

The ThinkPad 25 features classic colorful ThinkPad logo and adopts concise style on the top cover.
logo on the surface
The laptop’s surface with keyboard also features the same colorful ThinkPad logo with its top covers’. The only difference is the red circle on the top cover is luminous while the one on the surface with keyboard is not luminous.
axis design
The laptop’s screen supports touch operation, with 180 degree viewing angle.
axis design
Axis design
The infrared camera over the screen combines with the front camera which supports Windows Hello log-in method.
logo for 25th anniversary
The label for ThinkPad’s 25th anniversary is placed at the top left corner of the keyboard.
The ThinkPad 25 adopts the keyboard with seven lines. The keyboard comes with long key travel and supports backlight function.
It is Intel’s 7th low voltage processor which connects to NFC area.
appearance design
In general, the ThinkPad 25 features classic modern design.
fingerprint reader
It adopts new fingerprint reader, which is below the indicator.
The laptop boosts of smooth touchpad.
right ports
The ThinkPad 25 has comprehensive port design. The laptop on the right provides the SD, a RJ45 port, a USB 3.0 port which supports charging, a HDMI port a USB 3.0 port and a earphone/microphone two-in-one port.
left port
The laptop on the left provides the power, a USB 3.0, a lightening port and a vent.
lightening 3.0 port
It provides the latest lightening3.0 port.
expansion port at the bottom
The ThinkPad 25 keeps expansion port at the bottom.
remove external battery
Take out the external battery, we find the SIM card slot. This laptop supports 4G network surfing.
battery design
The ThinkPad 25 adopts the two battery (external+ built-in combination) design. The external battery can be replaced.
external battery
It has thin external battery.
external battery
The external battery has the capacity of 24Wh.
remove surface with keyboard
Remove all the screws and buckles at the bottom the whole back cover can be removed. The back cover uses aluminum magnesium alloy which can guarantee hardness while remains light weight.
internal design
After opening the back cover, we can see that the laptop has compact internal layout.
remove built-in battery
Now, remove the built-in battery.
built-in battery
The built-in battery also has the capacity of 24Wh.
remove built-in battery
Remove the built-in battery, the NFC module can be seen.
The SSD is placed beside the built-in battery.
The SSD has small volume, which is good for heat dissipation. But if the SSD were directly connected with the motherboard, the laptop would have more reasonable space utilization.
The 256GB SSD’s model number is PM961 from Samsung, which supports NVMe.
memory card slots

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