Honor 8X Teardown

Recently, Huawei has brought its new full-screen smartphone- the Honor 8X. This new phone boasts a 6.5-inch narrow-bezel full screen with its screen ratio reaching 91%, and it is powered by a flagship-level Hisilicon Kirin 710 processor. Now, let’s start the teardown of the Honor 8X to explore its internal structure and workmanship.

First of all, remove the SIM card tray. This is its SIM card tray, where two SIM cards and a TF card can be put.
As its back is tightly stuck to the phone body, I have to use a heater to heat up the back cover first. Then use a sucker to make a slit appear between the back cover and the phone body, and then remove the back cover with a knife

Now, carefully open the back cover without disconnecting the cable of the fingerprint reader. I planned to take out the cable of the fingerprint reader directly but failed. After removing the screws used to fix the cable, I find that the phone uses a one-piece plastic plate, and I need to take out all the visible screws and the plastic plate before taking it. After taking out all the visible screws, use a metal clip to separate the plastic plate from the middle framework. The plate and the middle framework seem to be connected by the glue, which can bring better sealing of the plate and the middle framework.

From the picture, we can see that lots of graphite stickers have been applied to the back cover. Besides, the glue is also applied between the one-piece plastic plate and the metal middle framework, which brings a better sealing effect. Disconnect the battery cable and the power cable first, and then directly disconnect all the other cables of the motherboard.

It is the dual rear cameras that I take out. The dual-rear camera setup is comprised of the 20MP main camera and 2MP in-depth camera. The 16MP single front camera is on the right. We can see that the SIM card tray which can contain two SIM cards and a TF card occupies nearly one-third of the motherboard. Perhaps that’s why many manufacturers cancel the TF card slot. Next, I will remove the shield covered with thermal gel.

The 128GB eMMc5.1 memory chip from SanDisk is placed on the top, and the Kirin 710 chip and the 6GB RAM chip from Micron stacked together are below it. And the Kirin Hi1102 chip with Wifi, navigation and Bluetooth functions is on the right. The slot between the Kirin 710 chip and the 6GB RAM chip can be seen. The Kirin 710 chip is placed under the RAM chip. Disconnect the cable and the coaxial cable of the vice board, and then take out the vice board.

This is its sound chamber. The USB port is welded to the vice board, which is used to prevent short circuit resulted from the liquid. Both the earphone plug and the USB port use foam to effectively prevent the dust and liquid from entering the phone.

Next, I need to take out the battery. As we all know, it’s not easy to remove the battery of Honor phones. I find lots of glues on it, which makes it more difficult to take out the battery. Therefore, I have to use the heat plate. Now, I successfully take out the battery. This battery, made by Murata, has the capacity of 3750mAh. Murata is a leading capacitor manufacturer in the world, and it acquired the Li battery business department of Sony in 2016. To explore the secret of the COF technology, I decide to take out the screen. I heat up the screen for five minutes at the temperature of 120℃, and then remove the screen with a knife.

After removing the screen, we can see that lots of graphite stickers have been applied to the back of the screen for heat dissipation. The power module and the cable of the touchscreen can be seen on the back of the screen. After uncovering the black cable tape, we see the core component of the COF sealing technology- the screen driver IC. It is the long strip chip on the black cable tape. All the components of the Honor 8X.



I love mobile phones. My first mobile phone is Samsung S4. Since then, I have used Xiaomi Mi2, Honor 7, Huawei Mate 9 and Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Similarly, I also love to write articles about mobile phones.

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