Xiaomi USB Type-C 65W Power Adapter ADC6501TM Teardown

Today, we will start the teardown of the Xiaomi USB Type-C 65W power adapter – ADC6501TM.
Xiaomi USB Type-C 65W power adaptor
The Xiaomi USB Type-C 65W power adapter looks basically the same with the 45W power adapter except for its slightly larger volume.

root of the power output cable
The root of the power output cable has been strengthened, which aims to ensure durability. Besides, we can see Xiaomi’s logo.

Type-C data cable plug
The Type-C data cable plug

The power adapter supports 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V and 20V voltage output types. Its max output power is 65W.

Volume difference
The volume difference between 45W and 65W power adapter

remove the cover
The cover of the electric supply plug uses ultrasonic welding. After removing the cover with a crowbar, we can see the glue between the power circuit and the shell. The power circuit still can’t be taken out after we remove the glue. Therefore, we need to open the tail cap on the output side.

tail cap
The tail cap adapts dual-layer design. The top layer is weld with the bottom layer through the ultrasonic process.

circle hole
There is a circular hole near the output cable. Use a proper screwdriver to push it slightly.

Take out the metal shield cover
Take out the metal shield cover.

front of the circuit
The front of the circuit

back of the circuit
It is back of the circuit. Such component layout is good for power heat dissipation.

EMI circuit
Protection on an output end of the electronic supply and EMI circuit

main capacitor
The main capacitor is covered by an independent metal shield cover.

main capacitor
From the slot, we can see the main capacitor’s brand and specification. Taiwan Chinsan ELITE 420V 120μF.

main switching regulator
The rectifier bridge shares a heat dissipation chip with the main switching regulator.

Transformer parameter
Transformer parameter

anti-interference capacitor
Blue anti-interference capacitor

electrolytic capacitors
Two electrolytic capacitors on the output side are in parallel. SAMXON 25V 470μF. Taiwan Chinsan ELITE 25V 680μF.

Type-C output cable
The Type-C output cable has three cables.

LITEON rectifier bridge
LITEON rectifier bridge KBP208GL 2A800V.

LITEON rectifier bridge

Toshiba K3569
Toshiba K3569 main switching regulator

Toshiba K3569


Taiwan Weltrend USB PD controller WT6630P


LITEON Schottky barrier rectifier G40120CTW


Use POWER-Z to trigger the fast charging mode, and the result suggests that the adapter fails to support any popular fast charging mode.

Use POWER-Z to trigger PD mode, and the result suggests that all the max currents that the adapter support in different voltage under PD mode is completely consistent with the data on the product package.

All the adaptor components
All the adapter components



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  1. Would be great to see a teardown and comparison with another MI 65W model CDQ07ZM with detachable cable and QC support.

  2. Black – GND (A1 – A12 – B1 – B12)
    White – VBUS (A4 – A9 – B4 – B9)
    Blue – CC1/CC2 (A5 – A8 – B5 – B8)

    GND is easy to find in any cable, it is always black. VBUS tends to be red (thickest cable). CC1/CC2 can be guessed … after connecting the other two, keep connecting the other cables until the charger works.

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