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Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S Teardown

Xiaomi has officially launched its new flagship – the Mi MIX 2S. This phone continues to adopt the design that the Mi MIX 2 uses and it boasts of full screen 2.0 with narrowed bezels on both sides. The phone features dual-rear vertical setup and fingerprint reader on the back. The MIX 2S boasts four-sided curved ceramic back plate to deliver an amazing hand feel.

Since it boasts of such excellent appearance design, how about the phone’s workmanship on its internal design? Today, we will take apart the MIX 2S to explore its internal structure.
back design
This is the phone’s appearance design on the back. It features four-sided curved ceramic back plate and brings good texture. With AF fingerprint-proof coating on the back, basically, no fingerprint will be left on the phone.
remove the back cover
The phone’s ceramic back cover is surrounded by glue. Heat up and use a pick to remove the back cover.
remove the back cover
When removing the ceramic battery cover, slowly open it from one side to avoid disconnecting fingerprint ribbon cable. After removing the back cover, we can see wireless charging coil. NFC antenna is placed on the wireless charging coil.
back cover
It is phone’s back cover. We can see its battery cover adopts gum and plastic snap joint design but not completely use gum.
fingerprint reader
This is fingerprint reader module on the back.
rear-dual vertical cameras
The phone’s rear-dual vertical camera lens use scratch-resistant sapphire glass with hardness reaching 9H. Lens’ peripheral metal holder is approximately 0.05mm higher than the glass for protection purpose.
battery cover
Xiaomi’s ceramic battery cover uses the new tetragonal system ceramic material to better strengthen phone’s hardness.
internal design
With it uncovered, we can see that graphite chip is piled in dual layers and it nearly covers all the area on the motherboard. Such design is to help heat dissipation. Besides, a 3400mAh battery occupies much space.
take out motherboard and battery
After taking out motherboard and battery, a U-shaped groove is found on the motherboard. This part reserves for the hidden earphone unit.
rear camera
The phone’s main rear camera uses a 12MP Sony IMX363 sensor, 1.4μm and four-axis optical image stabilization. Besides, its secondary rear camera uses a 12MP Samsung S5K3M3+ sensor.
copper film
It is the copper film on the back of the dual-rear camera setup.
main chip
After taking out the motherboard, we find that the area where the main chip is placed has a big hole which is to help better heat dissipation. But such design will bring the difficulty to the process.
CPU, RAM and flash
The most important components on the motherboard including CPU, RAM and flash are covered with nanometer carbon copper which is compatible with heat dissipation and conductive functions. This material can solve both heat dissipation and shield problems.
front of the motherboard
It is the front of the motherboard. The white part on the left top corner is a voice-generating device of the ultrasonic distance sensor, and the semicircle part on the right is the receiver. The distance between the face and a phone can be calculated via s series of the algorithm in this area.
back of the motherboard
It is back of the motherboard.
back of the motherboard
Details of the motherboard’s back area
Snapdragon 845 processor
With 8GB LPDDR4 memory chip removed, the most important component – the Snapdragon 845 processor can be seen.
The hidden earphone uses a 50mv large core. It will work as an auxiliary component to the loudspeaker to increase the whole device’s volume.
Take out the earphone
Take out the earphone. It is the internal structure without the earphone.
remove front plate
Heat up and remove front plate. To protect LCD module and TP, decoration bar is designed on the front plate.
front plate
We find this front plate uses PA high fiber with high intensity after using infrared spectroscopy to analyze. Compare with glass fiber PC, PA has better hardness and size stability. Xiaomi adds this component to improve full-screen phone’s hardness.
earphone and ultrasonic distant sensor
We can see the internal structure of the hidden earphone and ultrasonic distant sensor- three independent acoustic seal cavities.
sound induction tube
It is sound induction tube.
Front and rear camera
Front and rear camera
Front and rear camera
Front and rear camera size
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S
Now, let’s have a look at the phone’s core components. During the whole teardown process, we find that the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S has applied some new design to its internal structure owing to full-screen design. It brings the phone great challenge to place ultrasonic system, high-powered earphone and dual-rear cameras which supports OIS function on the cramped top space.


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