Huawei Honor 7C Teardown

As we all know, Huawei has just officially launched its full-screen phone – the Huawei Honor 7C last Monday. Today, we will start the teardown of the phone to explore its internal structure.

First of all, remove the SIM card tray. The Honor 7C adopts the SIM card tray which can keep dual SIM card and expansion card work in the meantime. It is good news for the user who prefers to use storage card.
remove the SIM card tray
SIM card tray
Remove two screws from its back cover with a screwdriver.
Remove two screws
Use a clip to separate the back cover to the phone body after the screws get removed. We find that the smartphone’s rear fingerprint scanner is fixed on the motherboard. There is no need to worry about break the cable during the back cover removal process.
separate the back cover
The phone’s back cover adopts three-stage design. Its top part uses metal material and the rest parts adopt injection molding process to keep good signal transfer. The black paster on the back cover doesn’t help heat dissipation.
back cover
back cover
With its back cover removed, we can see the phone’s internal structure. Before we take out fingerprint scanner module, we need to remove the metal covers which are used to fix the fingerprint scanner’s BTB connectors. BTB is stuck to the back of the metal shield.
internal structure
remove the metal covers
After taking out fingerprint scanner button, we need to disconnect all the connections including battery, camera, radio frequency antenna and others. The phone’s motherboard has a special design, and we will discuss it later. The radio frequency antenna gets tightly fixed. Its dual-rear cameras are fixed by an independent metal cover.
disconnect all the connections
radio frequency line
remove camera
remove camera
remove camera
The whole motherboard can’t be directly taken out after all the connections get disconnected. Remove screws, and then take out loudspeaker. The phone uses traditional micro USB port with its two sides fixed by screws. We need to remove micro USB port.
take out sound chamber
micro USB port
After removing loudspeaker, we understand why motherboard can’t be directly taken out. The phone uses U-shaped motherboard, which means that its motherboard and vice board are designed as a whole part. That’s why we say that its motherboard has a special design. As a matter of fact, most smartphones adopt three-stage design: motherboard on the top, the battery in the middle and vice board at the bottom. Besides, its motherboard and vice board get connected by FPC which is hidden under the battery.
U-shaped motherboard
The advantage of the U-shaped motherboard design is that it occupies more space which enables it to provide more layout place in the meanwhile save the cost of an FPC and two BTB connections. But, in the meantime, the motherboard makes the battery occupy less space. The phone sports a 3,00mAh battery. There is no other component on the middle part of the motherboard.

Except for fingerprint scanner, other components on the front of the motherboard are protected.The huge card slot for three cards occupies much internal space on the back of the motherboard. Besides, we can see Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 chip and Hynix memory chip.

Here is the roll cage.
roll cage

In general, the Huawei Honor 7C both has highlights and weakness. It depends on the user to judge whether it suits according to individual requirement.



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