ZTE Axon M Teardown

As we all know, ZTE has officially launched its foldable smartphone – the ZTE AXON M. The smartphone features two 5.2-inch 1,080p displays. The phone has good performance on sales in the market with its unique appearance design. Now, we will start the teardown of the ZTE AXON M to explore its internal structure.
remove SIM card tray

First of all, remove the SIM card tray. The SIM card tray supports dual SIM cards.
remove screws on back cover
Remove screws hidden under the plastic sheet.
screws on back cover
Utilize the hexagonal screwdriver to remove the screws.
remove the screws
After removing all the screws, the back cover still can’t be separated from the phone body. Therefore, we need to use a clip to pry up the back cover.
remove the back cover
Then slide a plastic pick to unlock the snaps.
remove the back cover
After removing the back cover, the device’s internal structure can be seen.
remove back cover
Its internal structure adopts three-stage design. Some connectors are fixed by metal cover, while others by foam.
internal structure
The back cover is covered by the graphite paster.
back cover
The smartphone’s four angles are thickened to improve hardness and protect internal components.
four angles
Remove two screws from the connector cover which is placed under the motherboard.
remove screws
After removing the cover, the foam used to fix connector can be seen on the back cover.
remove the cover
Disconnect three connectors under the back cover including main display connector, the power connector, and the vice board connector.
Disconnect three connectors
Then, use the insulated pry to disconnect the connector of the button on the side and the connector of fingerprint scanning module.
Disconnect connectors
The main camera is covered by heat dissipation copper which can improve the stability of the main camera’s normal work.
main camera
The phone features a F/1.8 aperture 20MP main camera which supports PDAF technology. After the test, we find that the main camera has good performance on bokeh effect.
main camera
Disconnect the connector of the secondary display. The connector uses unique soft material which can guarantee signal transformation even under frequent fold operation.
Disconnect the connector
Then, we can separate the main board from the phone body.
separate the main board
The important chips on the front of the motherboard are protected by a metal shield. Some part of the motherboard doesn’t have adopted full space utilization.
front motherboard
The back motherboard evidently has better space utilization than the front of the motherboard does. Most chips on the back of the motherboard are covered by shield cover.
back motherboard

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  1. Is there a way I can replace my second screen , I found a screen on AliExpress , my digitizer is still in good condition

    1. I’m in the same spot – I think the downgraded version, the $200 one, uses the same second screen. I’m thinking of grabbing one for parts and just replacing from it.

  2. My phone went dead suddenly when I am watching video it got switched off and not turning on back, what should I do

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