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Huawei Nova 3 Teardown

As we all know, Huawei has officially launched its new full-screen smartphone – the Huawei Nova 3 last month. The phone features a 6.3-inch full screen and powered by AI Kirin 970 processor. With a variety of vivid color options and brilliant picture-taking effect, this phone undoubtedly receives much popularity among young people. Today, we will start the teardown of the Huawei Nova 3 to explore its internal structure.

First of all, power off the phone. Then, remove the SIM card tray. Now, separate the back cover from the phone body with a sucker. Use a clip to widen the gap when the gap appears between the back cover and the phone body. During the process, I need to carefully deal with the 3D glass back cover and the fingerprint reader cable. After uncovering the back cover, I find that cable ports are fixed by a cover plate. The smartphone has a stable internal structure design. Therefore, it is not easy for cables inside to get disconnected. Remove the cover plate before disconnecting the cable.

After disconnecting the cable of the fingerprint reader, the back cover is successfully taken out. The glues have been applied to the verges of the back cover, from which it can be inferred that the smartphone has excellent sealing performance. Besides, many graphite stickers and foam have been found on the back cover inside.

The phone comes with a 24MP and 2MP dual colorful camera setup on the front, with F/2.0 aperture. Colorful camera deals with image color, while the black-and-white camera is in charge of image detail. In this way, the layering of the image can be enriched.

It features a 16MP colorful and a 24MP black-and-white dual-rear cameras, with dual F/1.8 aperture. Through AI learning, the dual rear camera setup can intelligently recognize different scenes.

Removing metal shield cover and erasing yellow thermal grease. According to the SEC mark, it can be inferred that the part circled red is 6GB K3UH6H6 memory chip from Samsung, the component below it is the kirin 970 chip, the part circled blue is the Toshiba flash and the part circled green is HI1102, which integrates Bluetooth function. The smartphone has high space utilization on the back of the motherboard with regard to its price, which provides space for the battery with large capacity. The component circled red is HI6421, in charge of power management of the processor. As for the part circled blue, it is the HI6403 audio chip.

Now, we will start to remove the vice board. Taking out screws, and then remove the speaker module with a pry tool. According to the GETTOP label o the speaker, we know that the speaker that the Nova 3 comes with is made by Gettop acoustic company.

A layer of waterproof rubber is placed both on the surface of the charging port and the earphone port on the vice board. The battery is taken out. Its typical capacity is 3750mAh, rated voltage is 3.82V. It is made by Desay. Four edges of the smartphone get thickened, which can better protect the phone from getting broken. These are all the components of the phone.


As a mid-range smartphone designed for young people, the Huawei Nova 3 has used the good-quality material. The 3D glass case makes it risky to remove the back cover from the phone body. Thin fingerprint cable is much likely to get broken if you have no idea where it is placed. It is also difficult to take out the battery. Therefore, I don’t recommend you do the teardown by yourself. In a word, the Nova 3 deserve buying in terms of its good quality, fashion appearance, and affordable price.



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