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Vivo iQOO Teardown

On March 1, vivo launched its new smartphone- the vivo iQOO. This 6.41-inch full-screen phone has caught the attention of the public since its release. Both iQOO and the Xiaomi Mi 9 are powered by Snapdragon 855 processor, but the former is cheaper. Today, we will check its internal structure and workmanship.
glass back cover
It features a glass back cover. There is a screw on the two sides of the USB port.

remove the SIM card
First of all, remove the SIM card tray.

take out all the screws
Taking out all the screws before separating the back case from the phone body. The disassembly process is slightly difficult.

remove the back cove
Now, the back cover is removed. There is a cable which connects the phone body to the back shell.

cables on the back cover
From the picture, we can see several cables on the back cover.

A cable connects the back cover to the phone body. In case the cable gets loose, there is a metal strip on the cable port of the motherboard.

Remove the metal strip
Remove the metal strips, and disconnect the cables.

graphite sticker
Now the back cover is completely taken out. The back case is covered by a graphite sticker.

LED flash
The LED flash is connected to the motherboard via a cable.

We can see two LEDs at the cable end.

antenna design
The iQOO has a good antenna design.

three-stage design
It also adopts a classic three-stage design. The motherboard is on the top, the battery in the middle and the small board is at the bottom. Most popular phones have used the design except iPhone.

small board
The small board is covered by a shield.

Remove the shield
Remove the shield, and the PCB can be seen.

We can find a speaker and a motor on the shield.

small board
The small board is used to connect USB port, antenna, and peripheral devices.

cable on the battery
One cable on the battery connects to the small board, and the other connects to the motherboard.

The iQOO sports a 4000mAh battery which supports 44W fast charge.

remove the battery
It’s easy to remove the battery.

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  1. I accidently inserted SIM ejected tool in one of my IQOO phone. So based on this teardown can you tell me if the mic or anything gets damaged?

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