New Oppo AR Glasses Coming In INNO 2020 (17th November)

This morning, Oppo has officially confirmed the launch of its new AR Glasses. The company has announced that it will launch the all-new generation of its Oppo AR Glasses in the upcoming event INNO 2020, holding on 17th November.

Oppo AR Glasses Launch Poster

Oppo’s new AR glasses will be lighter, more comfortable, and have richer interaction methods as per reports. Last year, Oppo released its first AR Glasses with an all-in-one design, focusing on AR content, AR games, and AR services.

Since the AR developer platform’s release in 2018, OPPO has provided users with interactive and visual experiences, integrating virtual and real in gaming, shopping, shooting, navigation, and other scenarios. It has helped developers to create content through the AR unit platform.

At last year’s INNO (2019) event, Chen Mingyong (founder & CEO of Oppo) announced that “OPPO will invest 50 billion R&D budget in the next three years. In addition to continuing to focus on cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, AR, and big data, it will build the core hardware Technical and software engineering and system capabilities.”


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