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Leapmotor C01 Extended Range Edition Officially Announced

Many people buy plug-in hybrids and extended-range vehicles but mainly use them as pure electric cars on their small batteries and limited electric range. It would be great if these vehicles had larger batteries to compete with or surpass the range of pure electric cars, which is likely a goal for companies like Leapmotor.

This morning, the company (on Weibo) announced that the all-new Leapmotor C01 Extended Range Edition would be launched on the 20th of this month. It would be powered by a hefty 43.7 kWh battery and has a range of up to 316 kilometers on pure electric cruising. For an average user, it is expected to last at least a week. It might also be the extended-range vehicle with the longest pure electric range available on the market.

Certainly, Leapmotor could also consider offering a C01 extended-range version with a smaller battery. This would make the purchase more accessible to a broader range of customers, potentially boosting sales. Given Leapmotors’ emphasis on cost-effectiveness, this approach aligns well with the company’s nature.

Regarding the appearance, the extended-range model has almost the same design as the existing pure electric models, but it incorporates a distinctive grid-patterned grille on the front side. This grille is the most noticeable visual difference from the EV versions.

Notably, there is no grille at the rear. The design also includes a continuous light group at the front with a small ducktail spoiler. At the same time, it is inlaid with the English letters of Zero Run.

The new model has the following dimensions: 5050*1902*1515mm (length*width*height), and the wheelbase size is 2930mm. It falls in the category of a medium to large sedan, closely resembling models like the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class in size and stature.

Regarding its engine, this vehicle is fitted with a 1.5L engine (manufactured by Chongqing Sokon), delivering a peak power output of 70kW. It is paired with a combination of a ternary lithium-ion and lithium iron phosphate battery pack, along with a single electric drive motor capable of generating up to 200kW of maximum power.

The pure electric C01 starts at 149,800 yuan ($20,400), the small battery extended-range version might have a price tag of around 140,000 yuan ($19,625), while the larger battery version is expected to be priced above 150,000 yuan ($20,425). These prices make it a highly cost-effective option in the mid-to-large range extended sedan category.


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