Lenovo Legion 2 Pro Bags 3C Certification With 130W (65W+65W) Dual-Port Charging

It is known that Lenovo is now near to the launch of the second generation of its gaming smartphone series, “Lenovo Legion,” named “Lenovo Legion 2 Pro.” The officials may reveal the launch date at any moment. Today, a main highlight of the upcoming gaming phone has been revealed.


The upcoming Lenovo Legion 2 Pro has been spotted on the famous Chinese 3C (or CCC) Certification. In the certification, the device has a model number, “Lenovo L70081.” It is revealed that the Legion 2 Pro will stick with a Dual Charging port design (as in the first generation).

According to the 3C certification, the phone has two chargers, one supports fast-charging up to 65W, and one supports fast-charging up to 45W. It is worth noting that last year’s Lenovo Legion Pro adopts the dual cell scheme with dual USB-C ports to charge two batteries at the same time, realizes up to 90W fast charging technology through dual 45W. If this Lenovo Legion 2 Pro continues to use Dual USB-C port fast charging, it can reach 65W × 2, which is 130W fast charging.

As per previous info, it was also revealed that the upcoming Lenovo Legion 2 Pro will feature the latest flagship chipset from Qualcomm, Snapdragon 888, an octa-core chipset based on a 5nm manufacturing process. It also consists of Cortex-X1 Super Core which takes the performance to another level.

In addition, this gaming smartphone will also feature the industry’s first dual-turbo super-dimensional cooling system for providing an epic gaming experience and no fear of over-heating in the smartphone.

The specifications of the upcoming Lenovo Legion Pro 2 are currently unknown. But a better display (with maybe 165Hz refresh rate), a better battery, the support of UFS 3.1 storage, and LPDDR5 memory are also expected.

The launch date will be revealed by the officials soon.

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