Lenovo Officially Confirmed Lemon K12 series Coming On December 9

A few days ago, it was reported that Lenovo might launch its budget series, once again. The general manager of Lenovo China (Chen Jin) also hinted that Lenovo would restart its Lemon series and rerelease new phones.

Today, the company has confirmed the return of the Lemon series on its official Weibo account. The company has mentioned that “Haven’t seen it for a long time, the new release of Lemon K12 series, super six combinations on December 9th, see or leave!”

lenovo Lemon Series Return

It is observed that Lenovo will continue its lemon series from the K12 series, the launch event will be held on December 9th.

If we look at the Lenovo Lemon series’s previous smartphones, they were usually budget devices with entry-level chipsets like Snapdragon 400 series. So, it is expected that the all-new Lemon series will also consist of the same type of devices but with new generation chipsets.

The most popular entry-level smartphone manufacturer – Redmi (sub-brand of Xiaomi), will be a great competitor to this product line. We already reported that Lenovo would release a Lemon branded smartphone by the end of the year.

The device’s name is not known yet. As per reports, it would be the Chinese version of Moto G9 Power. As on FCC Certification, the device was spotted two times with the same model numbers but with different trademarks. The second trademark was Lenovo.

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