Xiaomi foldable phone live photos leaked

Yesterday, an unreleased folding screen product of Xiaomi was leaked on the subway, which attracted the attention of many users and media for a while.

Judging from the leaked photos, the device is running MIUI 12. The specific version number is unclear, but users familiar with Xiaomi will know that this is the MIUI system.

This folding screen product also comes with a phone case to protect the appearance from being leaked. Generally, before the new phone is officially released, mobile phone manufacturers will make such a protective case for the new product, so the thickness of the frame on the picture is not The true thickness of this phone.

It is inevitable that there are screen creases unique to the folding screen on its front screen, which is a problem that Samsung has not been able to solve; in addition, this device does not have a hole on the screen, which means that there may be special treatment for the front lens.

Regarding Xiaomi’s folding screen products, as early as last year, Xiaomi’s co-founder Lin Bin had already shown it, but at that time, Xiaomi’s folding screen was not designed with such an internal fold, but three folds. Now it seems that such an inner folding screen will be more suitable for the market?

At present, Xiaomi does not have any official information about this new phone. When will it be officially announced? Let’s continue to wait.


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  1. The crease on the Galaxy Fold looks just like that from that same angle. I know because I just held mine at a similar angle and it looks exactly the same.

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