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Lynk & Co 03++ Appeared on MIIT: 2.0T Engine and 350HP

Lynk & Co is continued to reveal new EV models almost every month. As per recent reports, the company is working on another model, which would be very powerful in terms of engine.

This morning, it was reported that a new model named: Lynk & Co 03++ from Lynk & Co appeared on the MIIT China (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology). From its naming, it can be judged that it would be a high-power and enhanced version of the standard Lynk & Co 03+.

As reported through certification, the engine inside Lynk & Co 03++ can produce a maximum of 350HP. The car has the following dimensions: 4697*1843*1456mm (length*width*height), while the wheelbase is 2730mm, consistent with the current model.

Lynk & Co 03++ (3)

The car is almost similar to Lynk & Co 03+; however, the grille’s shape is different. In addition, the air intake grille is now equipped with a “350” digital logo, highlighting the engine’s 350HP.

The rearview mirror of Lynk & Co 03++ feels more aggressive due to its new shape. The car now features 19-inch sports wheels, matched with yellow-colored 6-piston brake calipers. The entire sporty appearance of Lynk & Co 03++ feels highly distinctive.

The Lynk & Co 03++ comes with a 2.0T (Turbo) engine, as mentioned before. It can produce 257kW of energy (equivalent to 350HP). The transmission is still expected to be an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

No doubt, the engine in Lynk & Co 03++ has extremely explosive performance and can be considered a performance car. Compared to the Audi RS3, this EV is still not that good. However, it is also worth noting that Audi RS3 competitors cost more than $70,000, that’s why the price advantage in Lynk & Co 03++ will be huge.

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