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Avatr 12 Officially Coming on September 4

This morning, it was announced by Avatr officials that the expected Avatr 12, the second model in their line of mass-produced vehicles, is set to make its official debut at the upcoming Munich Motor Show, coming on September 4. And the release and delivery of this EV will happen within the current year.

The MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) has officially revealed the vehicle, categorizing it as a medium-to-large pure EV. It has the following dimensions: 5020*1999*1460mm (length*width*height), while the wheelbase is 3020mm. The car embraces a consistent family design aesthetic. Its entire look represents a strong sense of fashion-forward, eye-catching uniqueness.

The best and most unexpected thing is that Avatr 12 has electronic exterior mirrors. Notably, it will also have the following characteristics: the advanced HUAWEI ADS 2.0 intelligent driving assistance system, enhanced by three laser radars, high-definition cameras, and millimeter-wave radars.

Some features like urban NCA, intelligent parking, and valet parking assistance are also there, enhancing overall performance and functionality.

Regarding the engine, the Avatr 12 will be available in two options: single-motor and dual-motor models. The front and rear motors will produce a maximum power output of 195kW and 230kW, respectively, with the single-motor variant reaching up to 230kW. Notably, the vehicle will utilize CATL batteries capable of high-voltage ultra-fast charging.

It is worth mentioning that the company might also launch a hybrid version of the Avatr 12. This variant might use the same motor as the Pure EV model but with a smaller battery (around 40 kWh). This battery would produce an electric range of approximately 150-200 km. Moreover, this variant is expected to be priced significantly lower than the all-electric models, making it a more affordable choice for consumers.


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