OnePlus Ace 3V Got 3C and UFCS Certifications, revealing Charging and Battery specs

For a long time, it has been anticipated that OnePlus will launch the successor model of the OnePlus Ace 2V very soon. Even though it has leaked many times, some rumors also suggest that this model would be the first in the market to be powered by the Snapdragon 7+ Gen3 chipset.

Recently, we got another leak regarding this model, which revealed the battery specifications of this device. This morning, a new device carrying model number PJF110 was listed on 3C and UFCS certifications. The sources claim that this model is the upcoming OnePlus Ace 3V.


Starting from the 3C Certification, it mentions that the expected OnePlus Ace 3V will be equipped with a 100W OnePlus branding charger, which carries the following model number: VCBAOBCH and supports charging at 10W (5V/2A) and 45-100W (5-11V/9.1A).


Next, we have the UFCS certification, revealing the expected OnePlus Ace 3V battery capacity. As mentioned, the device will have a 5500mAh Dual-Cell Battery (2x 2680mAh cells) and a USB Type-C port. Except for this, neither certification consisted of any more information.

However, if compared with the previous model OnePlus Ace 2V, it is observed that both battery and charging power is upgraded by 500mAh and 20W, respectively. Moreover, the camera module is also expected to be redesigned. Now, it will feature the LED Flash at the bottom of the camera lenses.

Regarding specs, this model is expected to feature a 1.5K resolution OLED Display. Internally, it would be powered by the Snapdragon 7+ Gen3 chipset, also reported to be the first in the market to feature this.

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It is expected that OnePlus will launch this model in the Chinese market before the end of this month. Globally, it would be launched as the OnePlus Nord 4, but the launch time is unknown.

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