OPPO Pad Live Images Revealed: Also Compatible With Smart Magnetic Keyboard and OPPO Pencil

It’s been more than one year since OPPO’s first-ever tablet is in leaks and rumors. As per the last news, it was expected that the new OPPO Pad would be released in the first half of 2022. And now it seems that the information was accurate as of the industry’s latest development, showing that we are too near to the OPPO Pad launch.

This afternoon, the famous blogger @WHYLAB has revealed the live images of the upcoming OPPO Pad, which has shown all the aesthetics and the new beautiful appearance of OPPO’s first-ever tablet.

As can be seen, the tablet’s body adopts a flat body design. The display got tiny bezels around, and the front camera is placed in horizontal view. On the backside, there is a single camera, and under its area, there is designing of OPPO’s alphabet. The entire body’s color is light purple.

As per the blogger, it might be the first tablet computer with the streamer crystal drilling process. Moreover, it is also revealed that the OPPO will launch an exclusive smart magnetic keyboard and OPPO pencil for its tablet in the launch event. There are high chances that OPPO would provide these items in the box.

It is worth mentioning that the keyboard lacks a touchpad, and the blogger thinks it is a negative side of this smart magnetic keyboard. The new OPPO Pencil would be used for the same purpose as Apple Pencil.

As per previous news, it was revealed that the new OPPO Pad would feature a bigger 11 inches screen packed with 2K+ resolution and also supports a higher 120Hz refresh rate. The tablet would be powered by the Snapdragon 870 sub-flagship chipset and an 8080mAh bigger battery.

Currently, there is no official news regarding the launch of the OPPO Pad.


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