OPPO’s Self-Developed 4nm mobile phone processor has tape-out, 5G SOC will arrive in 2024

As per the latest rankings, Chinese smartphone manufacturing companies, including Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo, come in the top five in terms of global market share. Huawei was once used to be at the second spot, but due to different issues (primarily political), the company’s smartphone business went down.

Currently, only Huawei is the brand that holds the power to manufacture its own mobile phone chipsets. Even Xiaomi tried to do it, but later on, the company gave up this path. However, the latest news is denoting that another famous Chinese company OPPO is now entering this field.

OPPO Self-Developed Chipset

As per the Weibo blogger @CellPhoneChipExpert, the OPPO’s first-ever self-developed Chipset is already in taped-out. It would be built using a 4nm manufacturing process, and the foundry manufacturer might be TSMC. Further, this Chipset will also support 5G network connectivity.

OPPO Self-Developed Chipset (1)

The experts predicted that OPPO’s self-developed processor would start to tape out in the second half of 2023, and the final product may come out in 2024. However, OPPO seems to be a lot quicker than our predictions. It is also possible that we might be able to see OPPO’s first-ever smartphone with its self-developed Chipset in the second half of this year or the following year.

Previously, it was also reported that OPPO had invested more than $1.4B (10 billion yuan) in thousands of IC design and development personnel in main cities of China, including Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai, and other places for research and development in order to develop its own SoC successfully.

In the past two years, the news regarding the manufacturing of OPPO’s self-developed Chipset has been highly circulating online. And today, this news not seems very far away from getting confirmed.

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