Redmi Officially Released 300W Charger

At MWC 2023, where Realme recently introduced 240W charging on its Realme GT3, other Chinese smartphone makers cannot be left behind. Recently, the sub-brand of a famous (Xiaomi) Chinese smartphone manufacturing company, “Redmi,” has introduced its new charging technology, which will again break the world record.

This morning, Redmi officially revealed its all-new 300W Second Charger (wired charging mode), which can charge the entire (100%) battery in just 5 minutes, 10% battery in 43 seconds, and 50% in 2 minutes. The test has been done on the Redmi Note 12 Discovery edition, which features a 4100mAh battery.

Redmi 300W Charging

As per the official data given by Xiaomi, the peak power of the charger can reach up to 290W, and the power above 280W can last for 2 minutes to charge the phone to 50%.

redmi 300w charger

It is reported that this technology adopts a self-developed 300W fast-charging architecture with a full link. It uses a customized 6:2 charge pump chip on the original device’s charging architecture, and the chip’s max conversion efficiency is as high as 98%.

Compared with the previous 4:2 charge pump chip, it eliminates the high current heating issues in the charging input path and reduces the charging temperature rise from the source. In the new 6:2 charge pump solution, multiple charge pumps adopt a decentralized layout to effectively avoid concentrated heat generation and prolong the duration of high-power charging.

It is worth mentioning that this Redmi’s 300W Supercharger is based on a dual-string battery design while the input current of the battery cell is as high as 30A, which requires the battery cell to have an ultra-high charging rate of 15V.

To prevent it, Xiaomi introduced a new type of hard carbon material in mobile phone batteries. If compared with a graphite material, the new rugged carbon structure is looser and disordered, which can provide a more relaxed reaction path for lithium ions.

Overall, the new 300W charging solution from Xiaomi is a significant upgrade. It adopts a fourth-generation GaN integration solution that supports high power, is small in size, has lower heat generation, and has higher efficiency.

For heat dissipation purposes, the 300W charger features a large-area grapheme to achieve ultra-high power output with heat prevention simultaneously. Xiaomi also revealed that with a 43% increase in power, its volume is exactly the same as Xiaomi’s previous generation 210-watt charger.

Currently, the 300W charging from Redmi is limited to testing only.


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