Realme’s RMX2200, RMX2176 and Vivo’s V2020CA Spotted On TENAA

According to recent reports, it seems like that both famous Chinese smartphone manufacturers “Realme” and “Vivo” are planning to launch some new smartphones. However, it is not confirmed that these devices are from mid-range category or flagship.

If we talk about Realme first, there are two new devices (from Realme) which got spotted on the TENAA certification site. The first one is “Realme RMX2200” which is a Dual-SIM 5G mobile phone (may support 5G dual-standby too. Some key specs are also mentioned below:

  • 6.52 Inches LCD Display
  • 4890mAh Battery
  • Dimensions: 4×76×8.6(mm)

The second one is “Realme RMX2176” which also supports Dual-SIM with 5G connectivity. Some of its key specifications are also mentioned below:

  • 6.43 Inches LCD Display
  • 2100mAh Battery (maybe it supports dual battery)
  • Dimensions: 160.9×74.4×8.1(mm)

Talk about the Vivo, only one devices of this brand has been spotted on TENAA. The model number is “Vivo V2020CA”. This model is seems to be Vivo S7 Pro as only “V2020A” is Vivo’s S7. This phone also supports Dual-SIM 5G connectivity. Its key specifications are also mentioned below:

  • 6.44 Inches LCD Display
  • 3920mAh Battery
  • Dimensions: 158.82×74.2×7.39(mm)

Currently, there is no official announcement regarding all of these phones.

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