Samsung’s Phones Are Getting Bug In A Large Number In China

This morning, it is reported that many Samsung phones are getting a blank screen in China. A large number of people posted on that their Samsung phones are getting stuck on a blank screen. A large scale of people also complaining that their phones are getting held on the boot loop.

The majority of the affected model is from Samsung’s flagship product category. These include Galaxy S8, S9, S10, and even the latest Galaxy S20 series. According to some reports, the Galaxy A60 also got affected by this.

It can be observed that some phones are getting stuck on recovery mode, some are getting weird commands on screen. Also, some phones are stuck on a blank screen

But it seems that not all models of flagship series are getting effected. Not a single device of Galaxy Note series is reported about any issue of this type. It is also reported that the user data of some devices also got destroyed.

It is observed that all the users have the same problem. Some reports claim that the Chinese Leap April led the phones to this problem. The Chinese Lunar Leap April caused the bug in the old version of the lock screen app.

Solution: After the restart, double-click the power button to come to the camera app. At this time, pull down the notification bar, click the setting button, search the time, and change the date forward one month, which can be solved

Samsung officials have not responded yet to this. If any solution or statement will be given, you will be informed.


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