Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Will Feature The Third Generation 108MP Sensor: No 200MP Lens As Expected

We can easily conclude that the successor series of Samsung’s flagship series will be named Galaxy S22. Recently, some sources have revealed important information regarding the upcoming phone.

Today, the famous digital blogger and primarily known for Samsung leaks, @IceUniverse (on Weibo), revealed that the Galaxy S22 Ultra would again lack the 200MP. Instead of a 200MP lens, the third generation of 108MP main lens will be used.

Currently, on the Galaxy S21 Ultra model, Samsung has used the HM3 sensor, which uses the Super PD Plus phase focusing function, adding microlens above the phase focusing point, increasing the focusing speed by 50%.

We can expect that Galaxy S22 Ultra may continue to use the HM3 sensor from the news mentioned above. However, with the new ISP and software algorithm tuning, its imaging performance is worth looking forward to.

Some reports also claimed that Samsung would collaborate with Olympus (an Optical products company) for making a solid camera setup on its Galaxy S22 series.

If we take a look at other brands, Huawei has been collaborating with Leica for a long time, making Huawei’s smartphones ranked first in the DxOMark rating. This year, OnePlus also collaborated with Hasselblad in manufacturing of OnePlus 9 series camera, and now Samsung is also copying the trend.

The newer generation of Qualcomm’s flagship chipset series will also be used in Galaxy S22 series. The chipset is expected to be named Snapdragon 895, this time. It is expected to feature the new ARM Cortex-X2 core.


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