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Tesla Recalls Some Imported Tesla Model S and Model X in China, Seal Belt and Camera Issue Found

It has been reported that Tesla Motors (Beijing) Company Limited has filed a record with the State Administration for Market Regulation in accordance with the requirements of the “Regulations on the Administration of the Recall of Defective Automobile Products” and the “Implementation Measures for the Regulations on the Administration of the Recall of Defective Automobile Products.”

The State Administration for Market Regulation’s official website revealed that Tesla China will recall some of the imported variants of its Model S and Model X EVs that were manufactured between February 5 and May 16 (2023), around 234 vehicles.

Tesla Model X

As reported, the reason for the recall in both models is the issue with first-row seat belts and pre-tensioners. Maybe these components were disassembled during the production or after-sales maintenance and were not properly re-installed. Consequently, there is a risk that the seat belts and pre-tensioner anchor points might not be connected according to the correct design specifications.

If any collision happens, this issue could prevent the seat belts from exerting the intended restraining effect, posing a safety hazard to these EV users.

Now, Tesla has stated that it will inspect the first-row seat belts and pre-tensioner anchors for free for recalled EVs. If the issue got found and the connection doesn’t meet the design specifications, the company will re-install them as per the design. If necessary, the entire seat belt assembly will be replaced for customers to eliminate potential safety hazards (free of cost).

Moreover, Tesla China will also recall other imported units of Model S and Model X EVs manufactured between January 17 and July 11 (2023), totaling 37 vehicles.

As per the reports, the reason for the recall of these vehicles is the wrong installation of the front-view camera. The incorrect installation has caused the front-view camera not to meet the pitch angle design requirement, which can fail in some active safety functions (that activate typically). This failure poses a safety hazard.

To remove this issue, the Tesla will check the pitch angle of the front-view camera for the EVs that lie in recall criteria and readjust the pitch angle if it doesn’t meet the design requirements.

It is advised to owners to drive their EVs very carefully before the recall and contact the service center for maintenance as soon as possible after the recall begins.

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