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XPENG G6 Listed on MIIT: Comes in Single and Dual Motor Versions

Yesterday, MIIT announced the latest batch of models for “Announcement of Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products.” This morning, it was reported that the all-new XPENG G6 Pure Electric Multi-Purpose passenger vehicle was also included, passing the declaration of MIIT China (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology).

As revealed by MIIT, the new XPENG G6 has the following dimensions: 4753*1920*1650mm (length, width, and height), the wheelbase is 2890mm, and it is available in two tire options: 235/60 R18 and 255/45 R20 Tires. The max achievable speed on this EV is 202 km/hr.

The curb weight of the single-motor version is 1995kg and 2000kg. This version has a rated power of 110kW while the peak power is 218kW. Then we have the dual motor version, which has curb weight of 2095kg and 2100 kg. The dual motor has a rated power of 140kW and the peak power is 218kW. Both models are equipped with China Innovation Aviation ternary lithium-ion batteries.


As judged from the official information, the following things would be optional: Rims style, Rear Windshield Glass Style, ETC, and Wheel Trim. The option for LiDAR would also be available.

Currently, the information regarding the launch of this EV is not revealed.

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