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Next-generation Zeekr 001 Spy Photos Leaked: Features LiDAR and Battery Life will Exceed 1000KM Range

It’s been more than a year and a half since the Zeekr 001 was available in the market. As per officials, the company has already achieved the milestone of 60K units’ delivery. However, the company previously disclosed that the next-generation model will be released in the 2nd Quarter of next year (i.e., 2023).

This afternoon, the spy photos of the next-generation Zeekr 001 got revealed, and the appearance and new changes in this EV can easily be judged. As can be observed, the most significant change in this model is its laser radar. Now the new Zeekr 001 will have three laser radars instead of two (in its previous model), which are placed at the front and back bumpers and on the top rear wing of the car.

It is also observed that the sensing elements are also now added that are suspected of millimeter-wave radar, which is another massive upgrade over its predecessor.

Previously, the patent of Zeekr 001’s LiDAR version was also revealed. If we take both patent and spying images together, it can be judged that the Zeekr 001 LiDAR version will feature a new watchtower-style LiDAR layout.

In addition, the air intakes on both sides of the front bumper and air-conditioning air intake (in the middle) are now triangular shaped, a new sporty front lip kit is also added under the car’s front, and side skirts kits have been added on body’s both sides.

It is worth mentioning that Zeekr previously disclosed that their next-generation EV would be equipped with LiDAR and Kirin Batteries of the CATL. The new Zeekr 001’s battery life will exceed 1000km and is expected to be released in the second Quarter of 2023.

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