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Xiaomi’s Upcoming EV Spy Photo Revealed: Sedan EV with Long Front

We all know that Xiaomi is one of the most popular manufacturers in the smartphone industry. However, the latest information states that the company is also looking forward to entering the auto industry. For a long time, it was rumored that Xiaomi was planning to launch its first-ever EV.

This morning, the blogger @Garage42 (on Weibo) revealed the first-ever spy images of Xiaomi’s upcoming car, which is probably an electric vehicle. These spy photos hint that Xiaomi is very near to launching its first-ever vehicle. However, the launch news is very minimal.

As seen in the images, this Xiaomi car is still heavily camouflaged, indicating that the vehicle is still in the testing phase. It can be observed that this vehicle is a sedan-shaped car equipped with laser radar. The car layout is very similar to Li L9 in terms of design.

It can also be seen that the front side of the car is quite long compared with other Pure EV options available in the market; that’s why the blogger speculated that Xiaomi might choose Pure Electric Power and Plug-in Hybrid Power Verion.

The spy images also include the interior photo of the car. It is also observed that this vehicle might adopt a large screen to create a technological environment inside the car.

Last month (January 2023), another vehicle of Xiaomi having the codename “MS11” also got leaked on the internet. The leaked renders revealed that this vehicle comes in a coupe shape with a closed front face, a lidar on the roof, and headlights. The brake vents also denote that the car’s sporty performance may not be weak.

It is worth mentioning that this vehicle is equipped with hidden door handles and lacks the latest electronic rearview mirror. The roof is integrated with a canopy, and frameless doors might also feature. The wheels come with petal-shaped rims, and the “Mi” logo inside the rims is also displayed.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that all the upcoming Xiaomi cars will use the new and updated “Mi” logo (introduced in March 2021). According to sources, Xiaomi will start mass production of its vehicle in the first half of 2024.


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