ZTE explains AXON 20 5G under-screen camera solution in details

According to the official announcement, ZTE will launch the world’s first mobile phone AXON A20 5G with under-screen camera technology on September 1. As the release time approaches, the official also introduced various features of the phone. Now there is the latest news. Today, the official ZTE mobile phone revealed in detail the biggest highlight of the phone – the under-screen camera solution.

AXON 20 5G under screen-camera solution

According to the latest news released by ZTE mobile phone, the brand new ZTE AXON 20 5G mobile phone is the world’s first mobile phone with under-screen camera technology. “The under-screen camera area occupies only 2/1000 of the whole screen. In a small space, both photos and displays are realized. Our engineers researched day and night and finally presented a complete solution.”

AXON 20 5G under screen-camera solution

AXON 20 5G under screen-camera solution

At the same time, this screen can be divided into 7 layers: front glass, polarizer, encapsulation glass, Cathode, OLED, array, and substrate glass. The most important layers use ultra-high-transmittance micron-level new materials, and the film structure has been anti-reflective treatment, which maximizes the transparency of the screen and suppresses optical diffraction at the same time.

In addition, the official also specially emphasized, “You may not imagine the difficulty of making ZTE AXON 20 5G. The first step is to overcome screen material.”


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