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Lenovo ThinkPad E480 Teardown and RAM, SSD, HDD upgrade options

As we all know, Lenovo has officially launched the eighth generation ThinkPad E series products – the Lenovo ThinkPad E480 and the Lenovo ThinkPad E580. The E480 features a 14.0-inch display and is powered by Intel’s eighth-generation Core processor. Now we will start the disassembly of the silver ThinkPad E480 to see its internal structure.
back cover
First of all, remove the keyboard.
remove the keyboard
Remove two screws
Remove two screws and turn the keyboard over.
take out the keyboard
Then take out the keyboard.
internal structure
It is the internal structure without the keyboard.

Remove the screws from the back cover. Next, separate the back cover from the laptop fuselage.
blue sponge mat
The blue sponge mat is designed to cushion shock on the HDD. The silicone layer is prepared for the SSD.
internal structure
The laptop provides dual memory slots and comes with up to 32GB DDR4.
Remove the battery
Remove the battery. The ThinkPad E480 only sports a battery with the capacity of 45Wh.

Hard Disk
Seagate 500G 7200rpm HDD
Toshiba’s M.2PCIe SSD
The E480 comes with a Seagate 500GB 7200rpm HDD coupled with Toshiba’s M.2 PCIe SSD.

8GB Samsung 2400 DDR4
The laptop comes with the 8GB Samsung DDR4-2400. The capacity of 8GB DDR4 is big enough for the user to handle office work. But you can add another RAM to the spare RAM slot, and it supports up to 32GB RAM.

The fan is thin, and it has a good appearance design.

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  1. Does the E580 have a metal reinforcement under the keyboard and a touchpad? Are hinges strong and durable? Is there metal support on left hand IO ports like on E480?

    1. Because the E580 uses a keyboard with a frame, so it does not need to use metal reinforcement, and under the keyboard is the palm rest, the keyboard directly fixed on the palm rest, I have seen an internal picture of E580, it does not use metal sheet fixed left ports.

  2. Hi Kylie,
    Thanks for your Thinkpad E480 teardown.
    I have one question for you regarding E480 wireless card: photo shown is from a Lite-on RTL8821CE 1*1ac (FRU PN: 01AX764). However, Lenovo support site, says that this Thinkpad E480 s/n: PF0YBYKW, has a FXN,8822BE 2*2ac wireless card (FRU PN:01AX712 ). Could you comment?

    1. This is not surprising, even if the same laptop model, depending on the hardware specifications, it will be equipped with different models of the wireless network card, of course, the network card can be upgraded, if your laptop is equipped with a single Band card, you replace it with a Dual Band card it

      1. The reason of my earlier question is in fact strange that someone receives a wireless card dual band and replaces it by a single band Lite-on RTL8821CE 1*1ac (FRU PN: 01AX764) (as per photos).

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing this.
    Is it correct to assume all the E480 will have the HD slot for future expansion? I am planning to buy one but the customer care representative was not sure if I can add HD(non-SSD) later.
    My understanding says yes, I can add HDD in E480 later, but just want to make sure and double check.

      1. Hi David,
        I haven’t purchased it yet, planning to buy one. That’s why double checking before the purchase. The one I am planning to buy has 256 SSD(256GB Solid State Drive, PCIe OPAL2.0). which indicates to me the HDD should have the dummy HD/Caddy in it.
        What makes sense to me is that one laptop will have uniform structural design.

    1. I watched a review on the e480, which I just bought and the HDD needs to be 7mm thick like the SSD is.

  4. I recently bought a Lenovo ThinkPad e480 but I find it is slowly. I am thinking to install m2 SSD, but I am not sure of the compatibility. I was thinking to buy Samsung 970 pro plus m2 SSD.

  5. Lenovo must have made a change with which M.2 SSD use because on my board I have the 1-notch type, not the 2 notched types. I know there’s a more technical name, I’m just sayin.

  6. I bought my E480 in 2020. So recently this laptop shows me a warning “Critical Battery” when I turn on the laptop after the battery drained. Usually, if the battery is drained it still has 5% left when turned on, but this time it is completely 0. I was thinking to replace the battery but I am too afraid if the new battery is counterfeit it will affect the laptop in a long run. Is there any advice to check the battery whether its original or counterfeit. Thank you in advance

    1. If the battery can still be charged, there is no need to replace the battery, if you are worried about buying a counterfeit battery, you can buy this battery from Lenovo’s official website.

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