Huawei Harmony OS Is Completely Open-Source And Welcomes Other Smartphone Manufacturers To Use It

It is known that Huawei’s Harmony OS has already been pushed on many Huawei models such as Mate40. A few days ago, it was also that Xiaomi and other Chinese smartphone manufacturers also intend to use it.

Now the question is that, can other smartphone manufacturers use Harmony OS? So the answer is that Huawei officially welcomes them.

Today, at the Huawei Harmony Partner Summit, Yang Haisong (vice president of Huawei’s Consumer Business AI Department) said in an interview that the Harmony OS system is entirely open source and will be open source for a 128MB-4GB device full-stack system this year, as planned open.

Harmony OS

Regarding third-party cooperation, Yang Haisong said mobile phone manufacturers from other parties are welcome to use the Harmony system to open source and build together. However, the “three-way phone ‘ who ‘ and ‘ when ‘ the obscurity system depends entirely on the manufacturer’s own commercial considerations.

As per reports, OpenHarmony 2.0 has about 4.6 million lines of key code, which is equivalent to 30% of Android 10 15.25 million lines. At the same time, there are about 18,000 key APIs (application programming interfaces), which is equivalent to more than half of Android’s 10.36 million.

The package size is reduced to 60-70 %, and various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, wearable devices, TVs, and sensors can be used.

There are multiple branch versions of OpenHarmony 2.0. The L2 that is open this time is a pure Harmony version. It does not have any Android code. It can run all Harmony OS applications, including distributed calls and the Internet, but there are not many apps.

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