HiSilicon Kirin 810 VS Snapdragon 730 VS Snapdragon 845 Benchmarks

With the Honor 9X and Huawei Nova 5i Pro on sale in the market, more and more people become interested in the all-new HiSilicon Kirin 810 processor the two smartphones featured. This mid-range processor is manufactured on the 7nm process. Let’s see the performance of this chip.
Kirin 810
Just like Snapdragon 730, the Kirin 810 is also a mid-range processor. Both two processors have two A76 cores and six A55 cores. The Kirin 810 has two Cortex-A76 Powerful cores with 2.27GHz primary clock speed and six Cortex-A55 Efficiency cores with 1.88GHz clock speed. As for the Snapdragon 730, it has two Cortex-A76 cores clocked at 2.2GHz and six Cortex-A55 cores clocked at 1.88GHz. Besides, the 7nm process the Kirin 810 is built on is more cutting-edge than that the Snapdragon 730 or Snapdragon 845 is manufactured on.

specification of three processors
We also use the Antutu to test the CPU and GPU of the three processors: Kirin 810, Snapdragon 730, and Snapdragon 845. According to the test results, we can see that the Kirin 810 got a higher score than Snapdragon 730 did. The two chips have similar CPU scores, and the Kirin 810 processor’s CPU score is lower than the Snapdragon 845 processor’s. The Kirin 810 chip has a much better GPU performance than the Snapdragon 730 does.
score on Antutu
On GeekBench 4, the Kirin 810 Soc’s single-core score is higher than the Snapdragon 730 Soc’s and the Snapdragon 845 Soc’s. And its multi-core is higher than the Snapdragon 730 processor’s.
score on Geekbench 4
Let’s see the GPU performance of the three processors on GFX Bench 5. The test results show that the Kirin 810 chip’s GPU performance is better than the Snapdragon 730 chip’s. Although its GPU doesn’t have a performance as excellent as the Snapdragon 845 chip’s GPU does, the Kirin 810 is still a good mid-range Soc.
GPU score on on GFX Bench 5
We turned everything to up to max(including both frame rate and image quality), and the Arena Of Valo displays fluidly on three phones which are powered by the three processors respectively. And meanwhile, the FPS stability of the three Socs all reached 100% on GameBench. The variability index of Kirin 810 is 0.47FPS, and the Snapdragon 845 has the best performance among the three chipsets. The variability index of Snapdragon 845 is 0.26FPS.
gaming performance
Compared to Arena Of Valo, Game For Peace has higher demands on GPU. We can only turn the image quality to high definition 3D frame rate on the phone, which features the Kirin 810 processor. Under the poor image quality, reduced resolution, and low frame rate, the three processors can handle this game very well. To see what the three processors are capable of, we adjust the game’s setting to 1080p resolution, HDR and 60FPS frame rate.
adjust game setting
The game runs at a 36FPS on a phone which is powered by Kirin 810, while the game runs at a 56FPS on a phone which features Snapdragon 845 processor.

In general, the Kirin 810 chipset has the best performance among three processors with regard to stability and variability. The performance of the Snapdragon 845 Soc reached the flagship level.
gaming performance

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The Kirin 810 chip performs unexpectedly well. On CPU test, its single-core score is higher than that of the Snapdragon 730 and Snapdragon 845; its multi-core score is close to the flagship-level Snapdragon 845 chip’s. There is no doubt this processor can handle daily office work perfectly. And its image processing performance on GPU is better than that of Snapdragon 730 on GPU. The Kirin 810 can handle the default setting of mainstream games. Even though its performance is poorer than Snapdragon 845’s, it is still an excellent mid-range processor. For the more Soc ranking, please visit our mobile processor ranking list.

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