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Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 GA402 Disassembly, RAM and SSD Upgrade Options

The all-new Zephyrus G14 (2022) GA402 is the latest option you can get from ASUS ROG in the gaming notebook segment. The notebook also adopts the latest and most advanced components, including the new DDR5 RAM and AMD Ryzen 6000 series CPU (Ryzen 9 6900HS Mobile CPU) with a more powerful GPU. For observing various aspects (including the new RAM, SSD, battery, and cooling fan), we would do a teardown of the notebook.

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The Zephyrus G14 (2022) GA402 adopts the latest DDR5 Memory (@4800MHz frequency), which is common in almost every new notebook launching these days. On teardown, you can see the RAM slots (at the right of Vapor Chamber Branding) covered with anti-static protective film. After removing this protective film, you can easily access the RAM slots. In total, there are two SO-DIMM DDR5 slots that allow the notebook to support a Dual Channel Memory connection for faster multi-tasking. For upgrading the RAM, plug the new RAM module in the empty slot. The maximum RAM capacity (the notebook supports) is 32GB which seems acceptable as it is a gaming notebook.

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In terms of storage, the notebook supports PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSDs. The SSD’s generation is undoubtedly a bit old (PCIe 5.0 is the latest) but still can be used for high-level gaming as its performance is quite good. The notebook is equipped with a 1TB PCIe 4.0 SSD, and there is only a single SSD Slot (on the left side, between the battery and cooling system). If you want to upgrade the storage, you must replace the SSD as there is no additional slot. For upgrading the SSD’s storage, remove the anti-static protective film, undo the screw (at the right of the SSD), and then safely remove the old SSD and plug the new one.


The ROG Zephyrus G14 (2022) GA402 is equipped with a 76WHrs (4S1P and 15.4V) 4-cell Li-ion battery with a capacity of 4770mAh. As the notebook also comes with a mobile GPU, the overall power consumption is higher, but still, the battery can manage a good time. Through testing it with PCMark 10, the measured battery life was around 11 hours (on medium settings) which seems fine. If you want to remove the battery, just remove the bottom cover, undo all the screws covering the battery, then remove the battery connector from the motherboard and safely remove the battery.

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Cooling System

In ROG Zephyrus G14 (2022) GA402, the cooling system has covered a large area of the motherboard (can be seen on teardown). Its entire functioning can be observed by removing the bottom cover. It consists of two fans and two heat pipes with large vapor chambers (supports 0dB ambient cooling). It is worth mentioning that these vapor chambers also mention the corresponding positions of both CPU (at right) and GPU (at left). Unlike the other conventional heat pipes (which only transfer heat along their axis), these vapor chambers spread heat across their entire surface, creating a wider area for rapid heat dissipation in small spaces. The overall cooling system in Zephyrus G14 (2022) GA402 ensures that there would be no overheating issues in long-term usage.

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