Many Chinese Smartphones Manufacturers Are Planning To Adopt Huawei’s Harmony OS

As per various sources, the Huawei Harmony OS (third-largest mobile phone OS after Android and iOS) is expected to start a large-scale push in June at the earliest officially. It is estimated that Mate40, Mate30, P40, Mate X2 series mobile phones will be updated.

Recently, news has been revealed that Huawei Harmony OS is planning to adopt Qualcomm’s platform. As per the Weibo blogger, Harmony has a plan for adapting the Qualcomm platform very early, not only for the Qualcomm platform but also, other platforms such as MediaTek.

Harmony OS

In addition, many manufacturers have begun to accept Harmony OS, not only in home appliances or automobile companies but also some mobile phone manufacturers are also contacting and have plans to adapt it. This includes some Chinese smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, and Meizu.

It is also reported that the pattern of the Android era does not represent the future. Previously, it was reported that some users had received the push of the Harmony OS 2.0 developer Beta version, and some experience videos of Harmony OS mobile phones have appeared on the Internet.

It is also known that “Huawei Terminal Company Limited” has recently launched the official Weibo of “Huawei HarmonyOS,” which means that the official version of the Harmony system will also start to operate.

Earlier, Wang Chenglu (President of Huawei Consumer Business Software) stated that Harmony OS is for all devices and can be multi-terminally transferred and deployed. It is a new intelligent terminal operating system, different from the traditional concept of iOS and Android systems.


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