Lenovo ThinkPad 25 Teardown and SSD, RAM Upgrade Options

We can see the key travel.
internal layout
The laptop has reasonable clean internal layout although it has many wire ribbons.
4G network card cables
The orange and blue cables of the 4G network card are fixed by network cable manager.
remove screws on motherboard
After removing all the fixed screws on the motherboard, we can see its two sides are thickened by the metal plate to guarantee hardness.
metal plate
This is the metal plate to fix the USB 3.0 and the lightening3.0 ports on the left.
remove motherboard
After disconnecting all the wire ribbons, we can easily remove the whole motherboard.
NVIDIA 940MX chip and two memory chips
There are NVIDIA 940MX chip and two memory chips on the right.
Intel i7-7500U
The Intel i7-7500U processor is on the left side of the memory chips.
The Thunderbolt chip’s model number is JHL6240 which has been officially launched in the second quarter of 2016. It provides a Thunderbolt 3.0 port with 1.2W TDP.
ThinkEngine’s new product
It is ThinkEngine’s new product on the motherboard’s back.
motherboard back
Motherboard’s back.
ALC3268 Realtek chip
It is ALC3268 Realtek chip.
ThinkEngine chip is on the back
A ThinkEngine chip is on the back.
remove fingerprint reader
After the removal of the motherboard, we can disassemble the fingerprint reader module.
fingerprint reader
Front fingerprint reader module
fingerprint reader
Fingerprint reader module’s back
insulated paper
The insulated paper under the motherboard protects motherboard from malfunction.
The NFC module’s antenna line is placed in the open slot, aiming to prevent signal shielding.
NFC module
Remove screws on the touchpad
Remove four fixed screws on the touchpad the whole touchpad can be removed.
Remove the touchpad
Remove the touchpad.
The touchpad has a good key design.
remove screen
Remove fixed screws to separate the screen.
expansion port
It is an expansion port which doesn’t work at the right bottom corner.
surface's internal part
The internal part is covered by aluminum-magnesium alloy, with good workmanship and high-quality material.
front part
Front part.
The screen is thick because of the touchpad.
internal components
According to the whole teardown, we find that the ThinkPad 25 has quite satisfying workmanship on its internal structure. In general, the laptop has excellent workmanship and material. The laptop has neat internal wire ribbon and compact space utilization. A great deal of aluminum-magnesium alloy contributes to the whole device’s hardness. In a word, the laptop has excellent workmanship and reasonable internal structure.

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