Xiaomi Mi 11 5G Spotted On 3C Certification: 55W Max Fast Charging

It is expected that Xiaomi may announce the launch event of its upcoming flagship series Mi 11, at any time. The leaks regarding the phone specifications are getting revealed, as the expected launch is coming near.

Today, the standard version of the Mi 11 5G series has been spotted on 3C Certification. The Certification revealed the charging capacity of this model. The all-new Mi 11 5G will support a maximum charging of 55W. The previous model, “Mi 10 5G,” was launched with only 30W charging support.

Xiaomi Mi 11 3C Certification

The phone will come with a charger having a model number: MDY-12-EQ. The charger supports charging in following modes: 55W Maximum Charging (11V, 5A), 50W Charging (20V, 2.5A), 27W Charging (9V, 3A) & 15W Charging (5V, 3A).

The applicant and manufacturer mentioned in the 3C Certification are “Xiaomi Communications Company Limited.” The Certification was issued yesterday (on 7th December).

As per previous reports, the all-new Mi 11 5G will feature a 4780mAh battery, while its pro version will feature a 4970mAh Battery. The pro version is also expected to feature 100W+ charging. The display is expected to have a QHD+ (2K+) resolution.

Also, a case manufacturing company revealed the Mi 11 5G series renders from the backside. It is observed that the standard Mi 11 5G will feature a triple camera setup in a square bump, while the Pro version will feature a Quad-camera setup in a rectangular bump.

It is expected that Xiaomi can announce the launch event of the Mi 11 5G series at any time.

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