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BYD Announces Yangwang SUV Teaser Images, to be unveiled on January 5

On December 22, BYD‘s high-end brand, Yangwang, announced a teaser image of its first product. The three images released are details only, and they can be seen as headlights, exterior mirrors, and a corner of the rear.

First look at the headlights, the car uses a split lamp design, where the daytime running lights protrude from the body, somewhat similar to the design of Lynk & Co, while below the daytime running lights is a piece of decorative parts, which is connected to the wings on the left and right sides, and below that is the headlight.

And connecting the daytime running lights and headlights is a whole light strip, which is covered with light sources, similar in shape to the grille, in a dotted pattern, which looks well recognizable.

Then look at the exterior mirrors, the same as many off-road vehicles, it is also equipped with a very square exterior mirror, and the top is also arranged with two light strips. After brightening the light, you can also see that there is a camera below, most likely it is a component of the assisted driving system.

Finally, looking at the corner of the tail, the taillight style is very rare, it is L-shaped, and the shape is quite simple and bright.

BYD has revealed that the new brand Yangwang is positioned higher than Denza, with an overall price range of 800,000-1.5 million RMB, and its first model will be released on January 5, which will use BYD’s most cutting-edge automotive technology and represent BYD’s strongest capabilities in electrification and intelligence. At the same time, the new brand will not only adopt a new logo, but also be independent in terms of brand, products, sales and service network, and operation team.

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