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HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0000 Disassembly (RAM, SSD, HDD upgrade options)

In this article, I will take apart an HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0000 laptop. I will remove the bottom case, battery, SSD, HDD caddy, RAM, Wi-Fi card, heatsink, cooling fan, speaker and motherboard. According to the article, you can upgrade the M.2 SSD, and 2.5-inch hard drive, It is also very helpful for replacing the keyboard.

This guide will work for many different models of HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0007ca, 15-dk0010nr, 15-dk0018ca, 15-dk0020nr, 15-dk0030nr, 15-dk0041nr, 15-dk0042nr, 15-dk0045cl, 15-dk0046nr, 15-dk0051wm, 15-dk0055nr, 15-dk0055wm, 15-dk0056nr, 15-dk0067cl, 15-dk0068wm and probably some other models too.

According to the official maintenance guide, this article should fit all HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0000 series laptops.

The HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0000 features a new ID design that is as thin as 23.4mm compared to the previous generation. The weight of the Gaming laptop is only 2.25kg, which is another step in portability. The black appearance and the green HP LOGO is very deep and noble.
HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0000

It uses a 15.6-inch full-HD IPS screen, which makes the body look much smarter than the bulky traditional game laptop. The narrow borders bring a broader view and immerse the gaming experience. What is even more amazing is the screen refresh rate. The 144Hz e-sports screen makes the game no longer shadow, and the picture quality is more perfect. The high color gamut of 72% is enough to make the picture stunning and realistic.

The green trimming keys, combined with the switchable LED backlight, is deeper and more mysterious in a dim game environment. The WASD keys can be recognized at a glance, and the game moves quickly. The touch of the key is very comfortable. The feedback is moderate.

On the right is the numeric keypad area. You can define shortcuts in the game, or you can bring high efficiency, and good enough for the office.
Numeric keypad

The power button is located in the upper left corner of the palm rest. It also has an LED effect to increase recognition.

Located at the back of the palm rest is a row of the diamond-shaped grille with a three-dimensional sense. This is not only the decoration area but also the place of the speaker system. Two large-sized speakers have B&O-certified sound effects, and the sound is loud and powerful. The bass effect is even more shocking, no need for professional headphones, you can listen to the sound in the game through the speakers.
Power button

The HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0000 has very rich ports. The left side of the fuselage includes an SD card reader, Type-C (supports video output), RJ45 jack, USB 3.1 Gen1, and standard HDMI port.
Ports on the left

The right side of the fuselage includes the DC jack, two USB 3.1 Gen1 ports, and a headphone port. So regardless of the quantity, or performance, these ports can adapt to the latest peripheral equipment, and will not fall behind even in the next few years.
Ports on the right

Now let’s look at the back of the fuselage, the middle part is the LCD hinges, and the two sides are the heat-dissipating outlets. The laptop has improved the air duct and the heat-dissipating module. The built-in dual fan increases the size by 22. increased the air flux of 85, increased the effective air outlet area by 1722, combined with the design of the four heat pipes and the adjustment of the position of the foot pads, which brings stronger heat dissipation performance.
LCD hinges

The bottom of the laptop has a large area of the entrance grille, and four footpads, which not only play a role in anti-slip but also lift the fuselage to facilitate air circulation. In addition, it can be seen that the beveled design on the side of the fuselage makes the body look thinner in appearance, but only 23.4mm in thickness and 2.25kg in weight, it is very portable for the game book.
Bottom case

Removing the rear cover is very simple. It is fixed by 8 screws, but you need to be reminded that you must first shut down the laptop before starting to remove the screw. After opening the back cover, please disconnect the battery cable from the motherboard first. Second, the screw length specifications of each part are different, pay attention to order them in order to avoid confusion. Third, the cable port position must be kept in mind when disconnecting the cable. Fourth, when installing, after confirming that the components are intact and intact, the battery is finally connected.

After removing the rear cover, the internal parts are displayed in front of you. The first thing you can feel is that all the parts are neatly arranged and the layout is reasonable. The key is that there are not too long and bare cables, and the heat dissipation system and battery occupy most of the internal space, the blue motherboard is also HP’s iconic color scheme.
Internal picture

Next, we will disassemble the parts one by one, and look at the appearance and parameters in detail. I believe that you will feel the super performance of this laptop, which is inseparable from the design and materials.
Remove battery

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David Tian

David is the editor @ MyFixGuide. He loves technology, especially good at laptops and mobile phones. In his free time, he loves to take apart the latest mobile phones and laptops.

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  1. Good article, until you get to the upgrade options… which there are none. I came looking for specifications as to which HD I need to buy for the upgrade. Is it a SATA cable? can I use a hybrid HD, SSD, or what?

    Like I said above, it is a good article. I did learn much from it.
    Jeff B

    1. hey, i’m not the admin of this web, but my question still not answered yet, i doubt the admin will answer yours any time soon. but i’ll help you because i also have this exact model.
      As for storage upgrade, you can upgrade Memory and Storage.
      As for the Memory, there is 2 memory slot, mine came with 8gb in 1 of the slot, so there is still 1 memory slot left ( i upgraded mine, now it’s 2x8GB)
      And for storage, there is 1 M.2 NVME Slot (mine came with 256GB NVME SSD) that you can upgrade using M.2 NVME Drive or M.2 SATA Drive, and also there is 1 2.5″ Harddrive Bay (mine came with 1TB HDD) that you can upgrade using any 2.5″ hard drive like HDD, SSD, or SSHD (hybrid). hope this helps

      1. Salve… il mio è con solo l’SSD da 512GB… ho cercato di aprire il fondo, ma dopo aver tolto le 7 viti, non sono riuscito a toglierlo… per quanto cercassi uno spiraglio, una feritoia, niente da fare.

        Tu come sei riuscito ad aprirlo? e poi io h trovato solo 7 vii… 4 lunghe da un lato, quello vicino al monitor e 3 piccolissime dal lato opposto.

        Fammi sapere, grazie

        1. i opened mine by removing all the srews on the back, then prying the back panel open using prying tool, it’s kinda hard, doing the prying

    1. There are many serial numbers for HP 15-DK series motherboards. It is recommended that you go to the HP website to download the maintenance manual for this notebook. You can find all the serial numbers of this laptop’s motherboard in the manual.

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