Realme RMX3092 Got 3C Certification With 65W Fast Charging

Today, some new model numbers from Realme and Oppo have been listed on 3C Certification. The Certification only revealed the charging specifications of all new models.

Realme RMX3092

The model from Realme has a model number RMX3092. It may be Realme 8 series device, as its predecessor series’s pro model was also launched with the same charger. But still, it is just a suggestion. There is no confirmation about that.

Realme RMX3092

The model RMX3092 uses a 65W charger with the model number: VCA7JACH (SuperVOOC 65W Charger). The charger supports charging in two models: 10W (5V, 2A) and 65W (10V, 6.5A). The manufacturer & applicant of this Certification is Realme Chongqing Mobile Telecommunication Limited.


From Oppo, two models got listed on 3C Certification. The first one is PEHM00, while the second one is PEHT00. These model numbers may represent the same device, as previously, the Reno5 Pro was also listed on 3C Certification with two model numbers.

Oppo PEHM00, PEHT00

It is unknown what would be the model name of these devices. The Oppo’s PEHM00/PEHT00 uses an 18W fast charger with the model number: OP92KACH. The same charger has already been used in many of Oppo’s A-series device. So we can also expect that this device may belong to Oppo’s A series.

The charger supports charging in two different modes: 10W (5V, 2A) and 18W (9V, 2A). In this Certification, the applicant, manufacturer & factory is the same: “Oppo Guangdong Mobile Telecommunication Limited.”

All of these models are expected to be launched in the upcoming months.

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