Realme’s new brand Koi mobile phone announced

Except for Xiaomi Mi 11, which started to warm up the world’s first phone with Snapdragon 888, other mobile phone brands did not get the quota for the first release of mobile phones with Snapdragon 888, but they have begun to spare no efforts to promote the new products.

Today, a new official account called Realme Koi mobile phone under Realme was opened, and its first Weibo was also released, saying: the end of good luck is koi, and koi phone is me.

Realme's new brand Koi mobile phone announced

Judging from the pictures of the copywriting, the posters of Realme Koi mobile phone has a retro style. The two koi swimming in the water is like New Year paintings, which look very festive. Among them, the Slogan “DARE TO LEAP” of Realme is also appearing in the picture. There is a Chinese text at the end of the poster that “New Year’s work, so stay tuned.”

Realme’s first new phone with Snapdragon 888 is expected to be launched in February 2021. According to realme’s brand market positioning, this will be a phone that emphasizes cost performance.


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