ZTE Axon 30 Pro Officially Confirmed To Feature Trinity Three Main Camera

It is known that ZTE is working on the new generation of its Axon series smartphone, “ZTE Axon 30 Pro”. Previously the officials also hinted about the chipset of the device. Today, the company has revealed the first highlight of the device.

ZTE Trinity

Today, ZTE Mobile has officially started the warm-up of ZTE’s upcoming Axon series flagship phone (Axon30 Pro). The company has revealed that the Axon30 Pro will feature the ZTE Trinity three main camera. The company has mentioned, “There are more than two flagship cameras. Trinity, high-energy image!”

The officials also revealed that the ZTE Axon 30 Pro would feature the industry’s best camera. As per reports, it might use the Samsung S2KGND (a 200MP) sensor. The Snapdragon 888 also features Spectra 580 ISP, supports image capturing up to 200 Million Pixels. On the front side, an improved under-display is also expected.

Previously, we already reported that the upcoming flagship phone from ZTE would feature 55W fast charging. In terms of chipset, the phone is also expected to feature Snapdragon 888, a 5 nm-based chipset with Cortex-X1 Super Core. The phone would also be the world’s first Snapdragon 888 powered smartphone.

It is expected that officials will reveal the launch date of the device soon.


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