iPhone 13 Pro Protective Case Revealed: Larger Camera Module On New iPhone Pro Models

Through some previous reports, it was revealed that the naming of Apple‘s new iPhone series would be iPhone 13, and like previous year, there would be four models: Mini, Standard, Pro & Pro Max.

It is also known that the Mini and the Standard iPhone 13 models will feature a diagonal camera on the backside, while in the Pro and Pro Max models, only the size of the camera module will be increased.

Today, the Chinese blogger @Old Explosion Technology (on Weibo) has revealed the live image of the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro model and further put the iPhone 12 Pro in it for the comparison of size in between both models.

It is observed that the size of the rear camera module of the iPhone 13 Pro will be larger than iPhone 12 Pro. The blogger also said that the shell would be a little bigger than the actual camera.

A few days ago, the famous Apple analyst Guo Mingchi also revealed that the Pro models in the iPhone 13 series would have a 6P ultra-wide-angle lens that also supports autofocus.

Previously, the prototypes also showed that the upcoming iPhone 13 series would adopt a thicker design and a larger camera bump. The larger and thicker camera bulge may be the result of the rumored addition of the sensor-shift stabilization function to the entire series.

In addition to camera improvements, the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are further expected to feature the 120Hz display and AOD screen function.

Previously, the battery capacities of the iPhone 13 series were also leaked, which indicates that the entire series will use a larger battery, possibly due to the higher variable refresh rate that requires higher power consumption

In terms of design, it is expected that the iPhone 13 series will inherit the Face ID style of the iPhone 12 series. The middle frame still adopts a right-angle design, but the front screen has ushered in the most significant change in 4 years, adopting a new “small bangs” scheme.

It is expected that Apple will release its all-new iPhone 13 series in the upcoming September.


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