iPhone 13 Series Batteries Got Listed On 3C Certification

It is known that we are now a few months far from the launch of the new Apple iPhone series, which might be named the iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s series. Many leaks and rumors regarding the upcoming flagship series are already surfing on the internet.

Today, some new batteries with different Apple model numbers have been listed on the Chinese 3C Certification site. The Certification has further revealed the battery capacities. All the listed model numbers are mentioned below:

iPhone 13 Series Batteries 3C Certification

  • A2653 with a rated capacity 4352mAh
  • A2656 with a rated capacity 3095mAh
  • A2660 with a rated capacity 2406mAh

As per famous blogger @DigitalChatStation, these three new lithium batteries are suspected to be iPhone 13 series batteries. It is also observed that the size of these batteries has been increased, as compared with last year’s models.

The highest-capacity battery, A2653, is expected to feature on iPhone 13 Pro Max. In contrast, the second battery, A2656, is expected to feature on iPhone 13 and 13 Pro, and the lowest-capacity battery, A2660, is for the mini version of this new series.

The blogger also claimed that the reason behind the massive increase in battery capacity is probably the high refresh rate (120Hz Apple ProMotion), which is being tested on the prototype machine; it might relatively power-consuming.

As per previous reports, it is reported that the iPhone 13 series would be a bit thicker than the current iPhone 12 series in terms of appearance. An upgraded camera setup with a large area of CIS is also expected to be featured.

Talking about the internals, the successor of the Apple A-Series chipset, Apple A15, will also be featured on the upcoming iPhone series. For now, the complete specifications information hasn’t been revealed.


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