Kuo: Apple AR headset will be launched in 2022 Q4, with Mac-level computing power

Today, the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released the latest report saying that Apple will launch AR headsets in Q4 of 2022. This device will use a processor with the same level of computing power as the Mac M1.

Ming-Chi Kuo said that in addition to this processor having similar performance to Mac’s M1 chip, Apple’s AR headset can also run independently without relying on a computer or iPhone. It also supports general applications and has its own ecology.

“We expect that the AR headset that Apple will launch in the fourth quarter of 2022 will be equipped with two processors. The computing power of the high-end processor is similar to that of Mac’s M1, while the lower-end processor is responsible for sensor computing.

Because the computing power of the high-end processor is the same level as that of the M1, the design of the power management unit (PMU) of the high-end processor is similar to the M1.”

In terms of specific configuration, he predicts that Apple’s AR headset will be equipped with two processors. The high-performance processor has similar computing power to Mac’s M1 chip, and the other one is mainly responsible for sensor computing.

In addition, Apple’s AR headset is expected to be equipped with Sony’s 4K Micro OLED display, which requires significantly higher computing power than the iPhone.

Kuo said that the current iPhone has more than 1 billion active users. Apple’s goal is to replace the iPhone with AR headsets in 10 years, which means that Apple will sell at least 1 billion AR devices within 10 years.

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